• Innovation Supporting Medicines

  • Re-engineering Risk Management

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Innovation Supporting Medicines

RxMx uses systems innovation to re-engineer risk management strategies and patient support for medicines. With origins in Australia, RxMx also operates in the US & Europe.

Traditionally, medicine has been slow to adopt the scale of productivity improvements that other industries take for granted. Our platforms use automated technologies to bridge the gap between pharmaceuticals and real-world risk mitigation; deliver enhanced, efficient patient support programs; and to manage integrated patient reported outcome studies.

Founded by four specialist physicians, our driving philosophy is developing medical systems that ensure the safe delivery of complex and sophisticated medicines, with minimal burden on physicians and patients.



Associate Professor Sean Riminton - Consultant

The Programs

Delivering Real-World Efficiency

RxMx offers an innovative suite of medical solutions that enhances the quality use of medicines, optimising patient safety and delivering real-world efficiency in busy clinical settings.

We offer healthcare organisations three programs that support the use of medicines

RiskMx platform for automated monitoring, alerting and RMP implementation

Technology-enabled Patient Support Programs

MOD (MObile Data) Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) platform

All the company’s platforms are compliant with regulatory standards for computerised systems, including CFR 21 Part 11; and have at their core an advanced database management system that facilitates the automated, reliable analysis of complex datasets at lightning fast speed.


Automated Monitoring

RiskMx Platform

The RiskMx platform, developed and tested in a clinical trial, bridges the gap between pharmaceuticals and risk mitigation and is built for customisation to any medicine. At its heart, the RiskMx core continuously monitors pathology and other patient-level data using pre-defined algorithms that provide the basis for automated, real-time, healthcare practitioner-friendly REMS/RMP implementation. RiskMx is a transformative technology that adds a robust layer of medicine safety for patients, prescribers and the pharmaceutical industry.



RiskMx In Action

The Bloodwatch Monitoring service is a novel, automated solution designed by to implement the risk management plan and associated monitoring for Lemtrada® (alemtuzumab), a disease-modifying treatment for multiple sclerosis.


Automated PRO

MOD-MS Platform

The MOD (MObile Data) platform is specifically designed to manage PRO studies. It provides a completely automated pipeline using web, SMS and email technologies to generate aggregated, cumulative trial datasets in real-time, without human intervention.


Engaging Patients

Patient Support Platform

Our smart-IT based PSP platform for RxMx Patient and Adherence Support programs complements high quality nursing, providing patient support for new and existing medicines.


The Co-Founders & Management Team